FiancĂ©? Check. Wedding rings? Check. Wedding Venue? Still can’t decide?

Getting married was every little girl’s dream. Since we were kids, we were introduced to the idea of dressing up as a princess and meeting your very own prince. If only we have our fairy godmothers like Cinderella’s, maybe it wouldn’t be much of a hassle planning our dream wedding.

When we do our ocular visits at different wedding venues, sometimes we tend to be overwhelmed by the place itself, making us forget the little details we have to ask the wedding coordinators. Here are the top questions you should remember in planning the perfect wedding:


The Essentials:

  1. What are the available dates in your chosen month? Some offer discounts during off-peak season.
  2. How much is the rental fee and what is included? Ask for a breakdown of what is included.
  3. Is there an additional fee if you choose to stay longer? Everyone expects an after-party, thpuppyough.
  4. How many people can it accomodate?
  5. What is the payment plan? What form of payment is accepted?
  6. Is it okay to ask for extra time for pictorial?
  7. Can I have the ceremony here, too? Sometimes it’s easier to stay in one place for convenience.
  8. What’s the cancellation policy?
  9. Do you have insurance?


  1. Can I move things around or I have to leave everything in place? If you have any requests on decorations, you should verbalize it ahead of time.
  2. Can I bring my own decorations? Some venues may not allow this so better talk to the organizer about it.
  3. Do you have available umbrellas if it rains?
  4. Can we add additional chairs just in case more people come unexpectedly.



  1. Can you accomodate a live band? DJ? Solo singer?
  2. What’s your plan with maintaining the security of the place?
  3. Does the venue provide assistance when moving decors/gifts back at the hotel?
  4. Can I provide my own host? Sometimes, knowing the host personally makes the vibe more spontaneous.

Other things to consider:

  1. Are cab rides accessible form my venue for my guests? Not all guests bring cars. It’s better to have a convenient transportation for your guests. groom
  2. Is there enough parking available?
  3. Are there any noise restrictions?
  4. How many restrooms are available?
  5. Are overnight accommodations available?
  6. If none, what hotel is the most accessible from the venue? Do they offer a discount? Some sites are affiliated with hotels. It’s better to ask for discounts.
  7. Is this place accessible for handicap?

If you any more questions in mind, you could write it down a piece of paper and bring it with you whenever you do your ocular visits. This may help you cover everything you need to know about your future wedding.

Questions To Ask When Looking For a Wedding Venue
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